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Picture the innocent goofiness of Michael Cera with the honest vulnerability of Jonathan Groff

and you have Michael Luongo, the quick witted boy next door with an intriguing edge.  


Michael is honored to join the

National Tour of Finding Neverland.

He will be playing Lord Cannan/Ensemble and covering the role of JM Barrie.

"Michael Luongo as Laurie shines in his songs and frequently steals the scenes he is in. He perfectly captures Laurie's earnestness and adoration of the March sisters, and just seems like a neighbor you'd love to be friends with."                                                                                                                           -Andrea Tieman

“The entire production is chock full of talented performers, with an especially unforgettable performance from Luongo, whose adorable portrayal of Laurie makes it impossible not to love him.”                               -Christopher Verlege

“Michael Luongo, who plays family friend Laurie, is a very gifted singer. On press night, there were some issues with his microphone that led to its being turned off during one of the biggest numbers in the first act. No matter, when he couldn’t stand near enough to Jo to play off her mic, he simply turned to the audience and hit the back wall with a powerful, beautiful voice. Classical theater training to the rescue again.” 

                                                                                                                                -Kimberly Harper         

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